Merch Review: Holographic Film

One of the main function of the holographic films are often used for security purpose. They are also commonly use for printing, gift-wraps, packaging, lamination, stickers, credit cards, driver’s licenses, pharmaceutical products, etc.  These are categorized by 2 types: Transparent or foil film. Also they have multiple designs patterns such as diamonds, sparkly dots, stars, squares and many more.


A few adhesive sheets I bought for a DIY project.

The New Search

I’m not sure if I could call this a recent trend for artist alley, but these just kinda exploded in my circle. I think I can recall that the Holographic Film has been a sensation lately on a group of local artist where I contribute. I made the discovery of this type of material when I stumble upon a merch that Barachan made for herself with the help of Jimi Agency. That’s where I wanted to do the same and order a batch of memopads with broken prism from them.

After that, I made a review and shared it with my companions, but still, I wanted to learn more about this material and work it with my own hands. That’s until I stumble upon another artist on Instagram with a photo of her stickers made with the same material but different design. I asked her for reference and she politely shared me with a store called Paperstreetplastic.

The Comparison

Having to see lots of photos of merchandise with these beautiful, eye candy effect, often called Broken Prism or Crystal Effect sure does put you in hunt mode and question where to find these gems. Beware, not everything will seem cute and colorful as I will show you the difference between these 2 designs and how they work. You will be able to decide on which better suits your choice, but I suggests that you experiment that yourself. You can also check this nice explained brief review of the Holographic Film by a user on Tumblr.


I call this one Broken Prism.

The Broken Prism or Broken Crystal. Most of the time this holographic film is less noticeable on the adhesive sheet as well as on the design, but it gains power and projects beautiful vibrant patterns when tossed to the light. The good thing about this is that it maintains the original design, without making any further distraction. It’s subtle in many forms, from having a simple, asymmetric pattern, to exposing soft multicolors. So don’t fret or get disappointed when you receive this type of holographic (well, do a little if you feel so), just play with it for a while until you hit the spot.


And this one is called Sequins!

The Holographic Glitter or Sequins are very attractive and eye-catching when is near the light. Lots of colorful and vibrant dots dances and shine while moving the sheet directly to the light. Even from far away you can see the effect, it’s all fun and games until you peel the sheet and put it on to your design. Once you get closer you’ll see this explosion of colors and nothing else. In other words, the sparkle effect may distract the customer from seeing the design overall of your creation.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use.
  • Coated.
  • A very light transparent adhesive sheet.
  • Very strong glue on the adhesive.
  • Easily to peel off if you made a mistake.
  • Expensive for a short amount of light paper.
  • If the adhesive sticks firmly to the front design (accidentally), it will get awfully wrinkle when trying to fix it

Cost & Shipping

Prices were a bit expensive for just some mini sheets, but shipping for me was free.


The holographic were strong and vibrant (depending on the pattern), the paper adhesive was very light with a strong glue.


Depends on the product. Sellers can sell you some mini sheets (6.25 x 8) to a roll of more than 10 feet.


The seller was fast responding to messages.

Overall 4 ☆ 5

Like I said in the previous post, is very fun to experiment with, yet a bit frustrating at one point. Is worth the try just to gain techniques and knowledge. I really liked the final result, but still, I want to learn what’s out there and what other materials can be discovered. So don’t get stuck on this if you like to adventure yourself unless you feel comfortable in your safe zone…


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