DIY: Holographic Stickers

I have accomplished one of my goals, making my own vinyl stickers using a DIY method and several materials for a decent price. I bought a pack of 10 sheet of vinyl adhesive A4, printed my designs on them and ordered my holographic transparent adhesive sheets. After many failed attempts and errors, I learned the hard way about the disadvantages of the holographic film adhesive. I’ll share my experience so you can avoid making the same mistakes as me.

The Tips

  • Avoid water at all cost.
  • Always measure the sheets for better precision.
  • Be on the lookout for Laser vs. Inkjet adhesive vinyl sheet.
  • Be patient and delicate with the holographic adhesive sheet.
  • Over-laminate your sticker for better protection and durability.
  • Leave the”die cut” for the final part, this way you’ll have no left overs or rough edges when cutting.
  • Use a cloth or a ruler to press the adhesive firmly when sticking it to the design and avoid air bubbles.

The Steps

Make sure your area is clean and free before dipping your hands to the dirty work.

Have your materials on hands before getting excited: Scissor, ruler, vinyl sheet A4 with your design, and holographic adhesive transparent sheets.

It fitted nicely in the holographic sheet, but some parts sticked out so in this case I cut off and repositioned one Rose Quartz.

Measure your sheet with the holographic paper adhesive, that way you can determine whether or not you need to loose some parts. Now that you made sure you position correctly your vinyl sticker designs on the holographic sheet, you can either cut the parts that don’t fit or simply roll along.

Peel it backwards gently without letting the adhesive make any contact with anything.

Peel off smoothly the holographic sheet from it’s paper. Don’t let the adhesive touch or make contact with the holographic design (the front part of the design) or you are in big trouble. If you let that happen you are doomed, since it will stick firmly and will get awfully wrinkle when trying to peel it off from the front design.

Press slowly but firmly the holographic adhesive to avoid and air bubbles.

Once more, make sure everything is well positioned before applying the adhesive to the vinyl. Then slowly stick the holographic into the design. If you made a mistake the adhesive can be easily peel off from the vinyl stickers. It won’t damage it, but you need to be careful since there are times where your design sticker gets stuck on the holographic adhesive while the paper that holds the sticker adhesive gets separated. This makes the fixing process difficult to retrieve your vinyl sheet.

The final results.


Is a very fun to experiment, yet a bit frustrating at one point. Is worth the try just to gain techniques and knowledge. I really liked the final result, though I would definitely buy some pro scissors for these type of things. A review and comparison will be made for the holographic adhesive sheet later on. If you followed this process and would like to share it with me, I’ll be more happy to see it!


2 Responses to DIY: Holographic Stickers

  1. Avatar Dazed Fox Art
    March 15, 2019

    Can I ask where you bought the holographic adhesive from?

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      March 16, 2019

      You can type Holographic adhesive and it will appear a dozen of stores that sell them:
      1- ebay.com/usr/paperstreetplastics
      2- etsy.com/shop/USATapesVoodooVinyl
      3- hobbylobby.com

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