Aerial Encounters Vol.3

More new stories have been brought up with exciting plots and interesting people with struggling life. In any case, if you missed the first and second volume you are still in time to read them before taking the leap to the 3rd adventure. As you can see, this will be the last part of the project, it had reached its final destination. Hopefully one day I can continue a second part like this one in the near future. Thank you for reading!

You have everything you dreamed of in your life but yet again you feel quite unhappy about it.

The Elegant Loner

My terminal was desolated, I was lonely and bored. A few minutes later a tall elegant man was studying my store, scanning the fridge and debating what magazine to choose. He greeted me with his expensive water, which was $4.74 Smart Water, and a few newspapers. His face projected neutrality although his eyes were saddened. I really don’t remember how the conversation went but there was something like this between the lines: “It is so sad to leave this Island for good” – Him. Why? A lot of people are doing it, I even want to do it… – I’ve said carelessly. “I came to take care of my things for the last time, well whatever was left after Maria…” – he replied disappointed.

I’ve been traveling around the world for 10 years, and it has taught me so much, especially my loneliness.

Currently, he was living in Italy working for a well-known fashion department and he owned 2 other houses, unfortunately, the last one no longer existed since Maria destroyed it. He was on the island trying either to save or sell whatever was left and since he had no families there, he had no other choice but to get rid of items. He lives a wealthy life, has been in many countries, loves to travel a lot yet it’s been 10 years of loneliness…

She is a great example of what kind of woman I am striving for. She is indeed my role model!

The Walking Hidden Gem

You know how sometimes people are meant to be part of your life or simply stumble upon you just to give you either a lesson and stay with you. This one won’t be forgotten. It was a busy morning and the crowd already bought their stuff at my shop. I noticed that my shoelace was dancing freely at the end of the rush hour. I finished restocking the store and went to a nearby seat to take care of my shoe and suddenly I heard a soft voice “Those are pretty footwear you got there.” I thanked her compliment – “Thanks, I bought them because they are good for walking around, even though most of the time I’m just steady in one place…”

“Well, I had to buy one of those pretty scarfs because the cold is brutal!” I asked if she was traveling for ongoing business or vacation, she chose the last one. She explained she was going to see one of her sisters for her birthday, it’s been 10 years living the life of a single. I asked how she could stay so long without having someone to love, which she replied – “Men are stupid. they don’t know what they have until they lose it.” I agreed with every word.  In my opinion, somehow women are obligated to mature and be independent faster than men. She had 3 marriages, all of them failed, but I suspected it was a pattern. The first 2 cheated on her and the last one didn’t show commitment.

I told them that a third strike would be the last straw, they did it again and I simply left. Years later they realized what they had (a good woman) vs. of what they have now (A miserable life) and they begged for one last shot. I decline and I’m happy with my status.

When your partner doesn’t prioritize you and keeps repeating the same mistake, I assure you the outlook won’t look nice. When the showing, the talking, the explaining, and all the given opportunities reach 0 there is one thing left, silence. That one is the one we must fear.

His story is very heartbreaking, yet it took me a while to finished during the ocean of emotions.

Mistaken Fugitive

One thing that you will notice is the amount of discapacitated people that travel every day, even so, I noticed that there aren’t many features for them to make their day easier. For example, in order for them to pay for their stuff at my counter, I need to take apart the machine and lower it to them so they can put their pin. That day a man in a wheelchair was looking around, patiently deciding what to get.

He kept looking around, he was indecisive, later he went to the fridge but I noticed it would be troublesome so I assist him. “Oh, thank you! Do you have X in here?” “No, I haven’t seen that product at the airport, sorry.” “Ah, I see…” – he replied worriedly. “If I don’t drink something before the takeoff, I will starve in the plane for 4 hours and my stomach will hurt.” “How about this one? It doesn’t contain these ingredients…or how about that one, it’s simple and affordable! – I replied back with stuff in hands.

“Thank you dear, for your attention and dedication. Haven’t received that one in a while.”

I ask him what was his journey for, he replied for emergency surgery. He told that a few months ago he went for a routine check-up at his doctor’s office. They made him do some laboratory checkups and went back to his doctor. Apparently, he had something in his body and ordered him to do a CT Scan. With the results on hand, things didn’t look good and proceeded to make the surgery. Within 2 weeks he was discharged, but during the months, excruciating pains suddenly appeared. He went back to discover that his results were mixed with another client and the surgery wasn’t the correct one, resulting in the destruction of his digestive system. I asked him why he wouldn’t demand the surgeons to which he replied: “Because the director of the department is my daughter and by the time of my surgery she was on vacation.”


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  1. Avatar TomatoRodz
    June 4, 2019

    I really love your storytelling Jessa, very inspiring!

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      June 4, 2019

      Hi! Thank you very much!

      • Avatar TomatoRodz
        June 4, 2019

        Your welcome 🙂

  2. Avatar TomatoRodz
    June 4, 2019

    Say, does storytelling requires steps? Is it difficult? Where should I begin and how?

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      June 4, 2019

      Is just depends on your situation, do you enjoy creating stories or just like to hear one? It will be based on your intentions, interest, and learning process. Of course, stories do require structures, orders and what not. I would suggest the following to get you started:

      1. Pixar Storytelling: Rules for Effective Storytelling by Dean Movshovitz
      2. Long Story Short by Margot Leitman
      3. I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart and Neil Stauss
      • Avatar TomatoRodz
        June 5, 2019

        Wow! Thank you so much for the info. I’m going to study all of these 🙂

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