Merch Review: Catprint Foil Print

I had previously talked about them (from who they are and what they do) in the last post. During the end of January, I was back and forth with a representative of the company to order my foil prints, and a few weeks ago I finally got them. Just to be clear this is the first time ordering foil merchandise and it was an interesting experience.

The foil finishing makes a nice touch to this artwork.

The Process

In order to make the purchase of this particular service (foil prints), I was advised to have communication with a representative. I couldn’t order this as a normal order since the foil service was a second procedure that must be performed and applied meticulously with continuous reviews and corrections. You will be asked for specific details such as:

  • Sizes – 12″ x 18 or smaller.
  • Bleeds Setup – 11.75 x 17.75 for full bleed and 12 x 18 for no bleed.
  • Paper Materials – Extra Heavy Cardstock Satin, Extra Heavy Cardstock Gloss, Heavy Cardstock Satin, Heavy Cardstock Gloss, Heavy Cardstock 1 Sided Gloss, Light Cardstock Satin and Light Cardstock Gloss.
  • Foil Color – Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Red, or Green.
  • Sided – Single sided vs double-sided.
  • Fronts – foil-only, foil-and-toner, full-color toner only, or black and white only.
  • Backs – full color toner only, black and white toner only, or blank.
  • Additional finishing – if any, such as corner rounding, folding, etc.

NOTE: I would recommend you to ask for your free sample kit in order to study each paper stock and choose the desired product.

Damaged Sample vs Corrected Sample.

The Foil Outcome

Once these details were set, the representative placed the order, but before proceeding to print the product after payment, a free sample was sent to my address for a review and confirmation.

It got folded in the middle and foil seemed cracked…
Also in the corner.
And finally, it was also torn apart.

My first sample came within a week via mail, and guess what? It came damaged. I was livid. I emailed back the representative asking why they sent my sample in a big ass envelope that was folded in half, which could possibly give the impression that it can be folded even more carelessly. No cardstock was visible for protection (of course, when sending mails, they should be flexible not sturdy), the color quality was not well-calibrated, and not a single rubber stamp indicating the classic “Do Not Bend”.

The second sample was absolutely good!

He replied promptly and sent me another sample for free since I showed evidence of the damage one. Once I got the new sample I was satisfied, he also assured me that the order would be sent in a secure package.

Cost & Shipping

Pricing was affordable, though shipping might be a little expensive.


It can depend on the product itself and what materials you choose. Mine came with small mistakes but with the help of the representative, we could actually improve the product with a few tweaks.


I believe that for my order there was no minimum quantity, which is a plus.


Tim was the one behind the procedure and he made sure I was satisfied with his performance between fast replies, good skills for solving problems, empathic, and very well oriented.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

I totally recommend using Catprint, not just because of their outstanding products or good customer services, they also provide special offers and discount codes. If you like to order from them you can use this special link that helps me get special discounts every time I refer to new clients. I hope this post helps you in the near future.


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