Encountering the Style

WASSUP! It’s been a while, I know I keep neglecting my blog but I just found out something cool that you might consider useful for your own development as an artist. I stumbled upon 2 essential articles about artist developing their styles by Trevino and Christopher Kerry.

If you asked me whether or not I thought developing your own signature art style was an absolute necessity before you begin selling your art, I would say no. – Christopher Kerry

AHOY MATEY! Let’s discover that style that is sleeping inside you for ages…

Connecting the Dots

Finding your style can be either discouraging or tiresome, I know it, believe me; but it’s worth the shot. The important thing here is not been the best artist out there or been good at everything. Is taking a journey and rediscover yourself with the existing elements that surround you. Taking the risk to fail or experiment new modifications can be scary but it’s part of the process. Please mind my silly (Danny Antonucci) animation…

1st Phase – Find 3 exponents that influence you or inspire you the most.

2nd Phase -Pick up 3 images that you feel more connected from each artist.

3rd Phase – Gotta ask yourself so many important questions in order to move forward.

I will write briefly the information of my secret sauce using the methods and process mentioned in the posts above. This is suppose to help you sort out your style by “borrowing” some elements or characteristics from other artists that you get influence. Once you discover those traits, you will be able to smash those special ingredients together to create that secret sauce (your own style). Now let’s see the process, shall we?

Artwork by Anthony Holden

Artwork by Anthony Holden

Anthony Holden – The Cat Wizard

I love how the image represents so well the situation between the characters, you can see clearly the role of the protagonist and how clean, simple and yet powerful the details are.

Some of the traits on his work are:

  • Excellent storytelling
  • Good humor integrated
  • Simple character design
  • The black and white inking
Artwork by Baracha

Artwork by Barachan

Barachan – 131008 Wraith

This Halloween theme work is outstanding. Cute little monsters, some Dia De Los Muertos design on her face with a weird concept of a stomach creature. Also, a strong palette of cold colors that contrast with each other and the astonishing kaleidoscope effect is mesmerizing.

Some of the traits in her works are:

  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Use of food or candy theme
  • astonishing kaleidoscope effect
  • Strong outlines of characters and details
Artwork by Loish

Artwork by Loish

Loish – Lemonade

She has an eye for organic shapes and flows on the movements. Has an impressive coloring technique, accompanied by some floating lemons. Loves to experiments with brushes, styles and out-of-the-box concepts.

Some of the traits in her works are:

  • Food theme
  • Rough sketches of studies
  • Traditional brushes techniques
  • Varieties of characters, body types, and ethnicity

There is no mistake in doing this; the only error would be not to perform this exercise. Do not feel guilty or stress. This exercise is very valid and will help you a lot in your development. – Trevino

My final and cleaned up sketch for the inking.

Adaptation of Styles

In my artworks, I love to work with emotional atmosphere or circumstances between characters and/or environments. Sketching is my favorite part but cleaning up the piece is challenging. I also give it some sort of flow and movements to certain areas with the purpose to make things look more organic and visually appealing. During the process, I add some details or crosshatch it for the placement of light and shadow contrast. Finally, I make an outline around the characters to grab the attention of the viewer.

Creativity and a style of its own are to mix elements found elsewhere and combine them in ways that no one else would have thought. – Trevino


Before doing anything you must take a journey to explore yourself for a better understanding of your complexity. You may suffer or get benefit with the constant changes your art may face. You could even stay forever in the comfort zone, which is not good over time. The thing is to be able to express yourself through art, experiences the constant changes and be comfortable with it. If you want your art to be outstanding from the others you must fail constantly, build self-confidence and be able to try anything either out of curiosity or fear. Be who you want to be not what you are expected to be. Follow your heart and break the rules!


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  1. May 12, 2017

    Great article – love the way you’ve applied the principles so everyone can see. Nice picks for your artists, and awesome breakdown of their styles. Awesome work 🙂

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      May 12, 2017

      HOLY ****! Did you just read my post?! I can’t believe this! I wasn’t expecting a reply from one of the original artists who published the content. Thank you so much for your time and effort building up the method and processes of developing your style. Thanks again!

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