Librería Libros AC – Santurce

It’s been awhile since I posted something nice in my blog. Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged to write anything related to my feelings in here, because of consequences. I’ll deal with this subject in another post. Recently I’ve taken my time to spend it with the people I’m close with and adventuring out of town, because monotony is draining me up (losing interest quickly on important things). This time we went to visit Librería Libros AC Barra & Bistro, this would be my 3rd time.

The Inside

The library is divided by 2 main section: the book collection and the cafeteria. The first area is quite big and spacious, their selections are categorized with small but readable signs. They cover a lot of subjects, from novels, local comics, mangas, poems, history and more. I was quite sad that they didn’t have anything related to animation 2d or vikings.

We went for the cafeteria section, it was warm and had a very smooth music on, not to loud but no to silent. The room was spacious, lots to choose between tables, a long counter-table and the bar area. They had amazing food and desserts (of course!) but I found it pricey for such a small amount or size.

Leo A Ghost Story reminds me so much of The Sandwich Thief by André Marois and Patrick Doyon.

Exploring The Inbetweens

Everytime I go here, I always find interesting books. I usually aim for illustrated books and spend my time either on the creative or psychology area. That day Dash bought a very intriguing book, if I remember it had to do with creativity and mind disorder and also a bit of psychology too!

Can you blame me for been such a kiddo? I love these kind of books!

The Princess Cloud cover was trippy since it was animated when you move it around.

I found The Boundles Books fascinating with the magnifying glass, though it drove me nuts with it’s tiny letters.

What I still like about this place is that they have so many sections to explore, the staff is friendly and respond promptly to any need. Also there is another detail that you may like, you don’t even have to pay for the tax when buying some books, how cool is that? I think is terrific!

This “A” stands for something, I think…

Into the Streets

One thing I can suggest is to take a walk, the streets are surrounded with colorful murals, beautiful buildings and also there is a far section with free books that people no longer use, so they put it up in the homemade shelves so others can take home and enjoy. You can even take one of the books and exchange it for one of yours too.

This one has strong contrast between the colors.

I also found a very cool parking spot to get distracted with!

Love the palette color on this one.

So, if you really want to chill for a while, grab a book, have a nice meal or simply enjoy the place with a bit of chit chat, you can always hang around here, I recommend it! It’s a fun, vibrant place, always with a crowd and interesting books for the hunt. If you want to see some colorful murals then take a walk around the street, you won’t be disappointed. I’m probably gonna end up here again soon for some art session with good company!


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