Last Trail of My Marker

At 6:30 pm on the 29th marked the last day I stepped to the school, the last day of my students and their pieces of paper. My art class concluded with a short squeaky sound on the board, smiles, laughter and applause. My mission was accomplished!

Teaching is not only about educating, but also learning from your students… – R. Guadalupe


Last pic of my class…

A New Era

The class began surrounded with 22 new faces, from all ages to all places. We held on tight with 8 students maximum during the last days. I remember my first day, I was nervous as hell. How was I supposed to relate to all this students? I took a 5 minute break, breathe a couple of times and broke off the ice with a simple introduction. Who was I, what I studied and what am I pursuing. My dialogue jump from my life, animation 2D to video games. I even brought my merchandise and portfolio. These kids were hooked, I got to admit.

A special Halloween session!

The first and last supper together.

Whenever I had free time I would prepare my stuff, examine my notebooks for reference and reunite with my Master  to rehearse the basics. Every week I traveled twice to Aguas Buenas, give the lessons and return home late nigth; either to wash some clothes or just to sit at the dining room with the girls and talk about the sessions. From time to time my roomies would give me ideas whenever I ran out of juice or I just had the urge to spice things up.

The main characters of my story.

The Meaning of Teaching

I still haven’t hit that spot that most teachers develop with their students when they perform their labor for decades. At least I haven’t reached the perspective or experience from my Master. You see? He is an amazing human being, with an inner child that causes him to be surrounded by kids. He has a charm that attracts them, I even witnessed the way he interacts with his students, just like he is another kid in the room.

I always said to my students the following: Art is a process that must be respected and your only competition it’s you.

I have concluded my semester satisfied, because I did something that I love, got involved with new minds and accomplished another milestone. For I am forever grateful to the system and to my Master, thank you so much!


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