Meet her team behind the work!

A few years ago she acquired a B.A in Graphic Design, but she ended hating it to death. During the freelancing phase she managed to work as Visual Developer Artist, and Story Artist for several projects. Her list includes Nickelodeon, ChickenDuck Show, Dave Alvarez Studio, Changuy, PanicoPress Inc., and Art Director in Vejigantes the Animated Series among others. You can check her portfolio site!

She is an autodidact that loves to learn new things. Growing up stuck to her tv watching Disney movies, and having lots of illustrated books was her norm. As a result, this became her reason and origins of loving 2d animation.

Fun fact: her first video game ever played was Rayman, becoming her favorite character of all time!

Interests & Hobbies


Love DIY!
 Enjoys pixel-art
 Interested in 🍊🍗🍩
Has many sketchbooks
Loves storytelling


Driving and Traveling
Favorite subjects: psychology
 Likes paranormal stuff
 Always craving something sweet
Collects miniature vintage 90’s toys