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A lot has happened and the question is: Where should I start? Let me remind you that life is still a bitch, even though I hate her, deep inside I know she loves me, like she does with everyone else; but there are times that I simply can’t keep myself on foot, and the more I think about it, the less motivated I feel to continue the game…

Making some witchcraft and playing Bloody Mary!

Making some witchcraft!

Lights Out

Almost a month ago Puerto Rico suffered from a power loss of energy. The service of electricity was wiped out from the entire island, most of us not only suffered from power loss, we lost food, the water was gone and even we went hysteria when the ice drained from every store (this prevented the food from going evil). It lasted 3 days of frustration but we manage to survive with 3 main ingredients: jokes, pranks and game-boards.

Me and my housemates having fun on October!

Me and my housemates having fun decorating the living-room and hunting candies on October!

My Special Week

So a few days ago was my birthday and turned 24. That nigth I arrived from work and felt that the climate was quite. Everyone usually hangs a bit in the living room, but that night nobody was there. I went to my room and saw my roommate, we exchanged some words and suddenly she ran out of the room shutting the door while saying “Stay here!”. I complied for a few seconds and then I screamed while marching out of the room: “I’m 24 and nobody grounds me or lock me in my room, who the hell...” That’s where the girls caugth me off guard me with a birthday surprise. I was so happy that I didn’t let them finish the song while blowing up the candles.

Treat yo self!

Treat yo self with some expensive gadgets on your birthday!

 I did have a lot of fun this week.

  • I became an aunt.
  • Went to the beach twice.
  • Got a new professional tablet.
  • Took some martial arts and self defense (I really loved the discipline and followed commands).
  • Went to dine with the girls and got drunk with ONE margarita.
  • I made friends (while drunk) with pipes, cus they helped me stay balanced while everything was at 45 degree.
When clients search for you for their projects!

When clients search for you for their projects!

What’s Up

Inktober has me pumped up and with all the artworks I had done so far, I’m willing to turn these in to an artbook or coloring book just for fun. Right now I’m working on these freelance gigs which I’m excited about. My biggest job at this moment is an animation project I’ve been working on, with Dave Alvarez, as an artist layout. My main focus are backgrounds (quite a challenge, but I love to be challenged!).

Letting out my emotions without fear and bringing the inner peace are still been practiced over the weeks.

Letting out my emotions without fear and bringing the inner peace are still been practiced over the weeks.

The Feelings

Still, it hasn’t been an easy month, I’ve been taking care of someone ever since she had a dispute with her friend. Trying my best to give reasonable advice while been a clown to her just to keep her distracted from depression. That has been my priority. I think I’ve made my part for now, I’m more relaxed now that she has lighten up a bit. I also had left an open door for someone that I lost a few months ago over a dispute; of course my pride blinded me entirely but even though she cast me off from her circle a while ago, I remained the same person to her and things have been working out well so far. We haven’t talked about what happened that time and I believe that things should sometime remain unresolved.

I believe I'm still on the right track, just need to follow my heart more often without a self doubt.

I believe I’m still on the right track, just need to follow my heart more often without a self doubt.

In Conclusion

For now I’m trying to enjoy the company I have with the people nearby, since I’ve been feeling a bit sad, angry and confuse over some situations; but I know I’ll make the right choice sooner and things will turn out well. I’m very happy that people took their time to grant me their best wishes and lovely message, even some people who had their accounts deactivated, made their way to contact me from other social app just to say hello and happy birthday! (Thank you Robert for the effort, it means a lot!)


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