DIY: Cellophane Package

Making a cellophane package for your small merchandise will be a piece of cake, all you need is a few materials from your home and buy others at stores. Recently I talked about Why Package Design Matter? So if you like to see the vital functions of it and how it can accomplish a good representation of your work, you should totally check the post. The cellophane bags come in various sizes, shapes, some with integrated glue, and even with patterns and designs!

Most of this stuff is somewhere around the house.

A Head-Start

Before doing anything else you must have access to the product first. Keep in mind to have some extra space (when placing the product inside the bag), in order to avoid silly errors. Once you have everything calculated, you can begin your hunt for cellophane bags. I usually buy mines on eBay for a cheap price. Make sure to have the correct size of the bags, otherwise, your product might not fit.

Using a ruler you can determine the sizes of the product and how much it will fit on the bag.

The Materials

  • Ruler and Stapler.
  • Cellophane Bags (mine was 3.25 x 5).
  • Scissor or X-Acto knife.
  • Matte Paper 100lb labels with designs on it.
  • Pencil and notebook (optional).
  • Hole Punch (optional).

Your labels should contain at least the name of your brand, logo and social icons for better accessibility.

Bonus: You can use a Hole Punch for better functionality and organization!

A simple and easy DIY cellophane package design!

The Steps

  1. Decide what will be the size of the product.
  2. Once finished, measure the width and height of it and write it down on paper.
  3. Hunt your cellophane bag and look for the convenient sizes.
  4. Measure the size of the bag and make sure the product fits in it.
  5. After having all the details, you can begin designing your labels.
  6. Print the designs on a matte paper 100lb. and cut them.
  7. Put the merchandise inside the bag and seal it.
  8. Finally, take your label and staple it on the cellophane bag.


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