Does Package Design Matter?

Packaging has the main function to preserve the product from spoiling or damaging, while Package Design serves an easy way to identify the product or branding; and also helps to make an expansion to potential markets. As interesting it may sound, package design goes very deep with user experience and marketing. Therefore I will only talk about a brief concept and some basics, though I may not be an expert I had work on this field for a semester.

The discipline of package design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed. By skillfully teaming colorful graphics, a unique shape, or any other eye-arresting method, the package designer is a key player in any company’s marketing effort. – Allen Rabinowitz

We love to do new merch from our artworks, consequently, we all get excited and take our time to examine the products, compare prices and so on. Once our product arrives it’s a whole new story! We start making a list of our products, store them by designs and pack things up, but what about the package of the product?

From Papelline.

Checking out some package design on Pinterest!

Package Design

This is an essential detail that we should worry about, not only because our item is secured, but also because it leaves a good impression of our work and presentation as a vendor. Maybe the branding is awesome, but a good package design will leave a memorable mark since is our last vital piece to complete our product. Do I have to make a package design for every merchandise I have? Not necessarily, but you can give it a try.


From the awesome illustrator Barachan

What Benefits Does It Have?

  • Avoid damages.
  • Highlight your branding and product.
  • Emphasizes a clean, simple and organized system.
  • Holds a huge power by promoting the merchandise to the ultimate buyer.
  • Enhance convenience in use or storage and the user experience.
  • Customers can easily identify the products.
  • Better expansion to potential markets and promotion.
These are from Six Cent Press.

Photos by Six Cent Press

Simply defined, package design is the discipline of creating the container, graphics and visible outer presence of a product a consumer buys at retail or might receive in the mail. This container may range from a simple bottle and label to an elaborate box or system of boxes and inner packaging. Allen Rabinowitz

What’s The Best Choice?

In conclusion, some industries will sell you the product(s), alongside with their package services for an additional price, which as a result, can be expensive. This will depend either if you have enough money or adventure yourself on a DIY method. I remember buying my firsts pins for $25.00 and was offered for a packaging service for an additional $20. It was a big temptation, but luckily I passed the offer. Finally, I created my own under $8, and I still have some materials leftovers!


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