The Guajataca Tunnel – Isabela

I believe I was woken up at 9am. The trip was worth my time and very memorable. My partner and I headed to a ( 3 hour drive) place called The Guajataca Tunnel, on Isabela. All I could say (like an annoying little brat) during those endless and impatient hours were: Are we there yet? or How near to the place are we? The long drive didn’t last forever, between some rad music, interesting conversations, and a few dirty jokes. I still look back and remember how simple my life became in those couple of hours.

Son, you are a disgrace to my face…

A New Adventure

Finally, we made it to the place! As soon as we step foot on the ground, small drops of rain poured on the habitat. We were basically running like retarded blobs from tiny, innocent drops of water. The place looked ok to me, nothing out of the ordinary, except when I encountered the tunnel. It seemed very long, dark and cold with a light at the end. I really like the sensation of walking in an empty space, the wind howling weird noises while I rushed my pace to the end of the tunnel, where a shiny spot awaited for me on the other side silently.

A bit boring but this place ain’t that bad, looks ok to me!

A bit boring but this place ain’t that bad, looks ok to me!

Once we crossed the side, a path was revealed. A beautiful sighting of nature, filled with wonders and small creatures, and a welcoming breeze. We were walking on a long, narrowed path, the ground was moist while slippery and surprisingly found some interesting stuff on the ground (which are gross and unnecessarily to talk about it in here). My partner and I made a dirty joke about the stuff we found on the ground. Later on, we encountered at the end of the trail some stairs like hills, made by rocks, dirt, and leaves, revealing another path with a brighter sky.

The waves were dashing and raving, it had warm weather and easy ground to walk by.

Open Fields

After managing to pass the small, moist jungle, we discovered another narrowed and long trial that lasted for about 10 minutes of worth walking. We were stunned with the huge boulders and mountains rocks that surrounded the place. When we finally reached the end of the protected environment, we witnessed another paradise. A beautiful beach, with more rocks and foamy shore, and another interesting trial that led to a grassy field.

The end of the trail, there was another path with a brighter light.

Discovering what lies beyond the other grassy path, while a stranger photobombs my view.

The Other Road

Our curiosity won, so we took the grassy road just to have a glimpse of what’s out there. Once we got to the top, we were amazed at how awesome the open field looked and felt like, though the heat was getting serious while the cloudy sky threatens us with subtle thunders. All that I could be imaging at that time was Vikings all over the place, fighting for meat and acquire new weapons and treasures!

My imagination ran wild when I witnessed this beauty!

I still insist that I don’t know who he is or what’s even going on!

We walked for another 20 minutes but headed back, there was nothing except more open fields and we haven’t had the opportunity to view the beach closely. After finally reaching the beginning of the grassy road, we walked a bit to the beach area and sat on the sand. Still cloudy, we started to talk about our life, goals, and desires, that we ended up talking about our fears as human beings. Life is so complicated, that we are told often to simply live every good moment we can. Either good or bad, we must live it and absorb every detail, in order to fulfill ourselves and become who we want to be and where do we want to belong.

My last pic of the Guajataca Tunnel trip. FINGER PHOTOBOMB!

After a while the rain started to pour again, because of our short, comfortable clothes, we tried to return to the car as fast as possible. We didn’t want to get in completely wet. The place soon became isolated, fewer people were seen, the ground became challenging and the wind howled stronger than before. Waves suddenly became a war zone, the mist as an unknown barrier and the rain, deadly projectiles. We manage to return back with more deep conversations and laughs; and developed a clear view of our goals and ambitions, for becoming part of the creative industries. Those are the moments that I would hold it (dearly with my heart) and treasure it, as long as I live…


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