Merch Review: Buttonhead Mirrors

During my scavenger hunt for new merchandise, I stumble upon an old website I used to frequent a lot. I saw that there were selling some products which caught my interest and thought I should browse around the internet in search of the company’s competition for a better price. This is where I found myself contemplating Buttonhead.

A 2.5″ pocket mirror with a few designs.

Buttonhead is an independent business owned by Ali, that makes personalized gifts for any occasion, such as button pins, pocket mirrors, sticker labels and even temporary tattoos! She started buying a 1” button machine for $300 and made some pins to sell. Later on her mini shop became a business with a huge studio and lots of equipment.

Love the crispy colors and details!

I carefully studied every products and successfully managed to find the one that I was looking for. Later on I compared Buttonhead products with a previous store between prices, sizes and shipping cost. At first I was a bit hesitant buying from a new shop, which I usually do. Before making any shopping I wanted to make sure how accurate was the information and how attentive the staffs were with newcomers and customers.


A nice pic of my gold fish.

For my surprise the person that attended to my questions, needs and request was the owner, Ali. During our back and forth communication I was able to perceived how patient and attentive was Ali, she took the time to guide me through the process (which it took me various attempts to make corrects formats.) and make sure that everything was well placed.

She even offers an interesting tool in her blog that helps the customers to aim for a better quality of the printed product without a hassle. In her article Digital Print Color Management she compares the screen and print color quality, mentions printing process and also offers solutions of how to get the best print color result.

Cost & Shipping

The prices are fair for the product, the more you buy the lower the cost will be. Also the shipping wasn’t bad, for P.R it cost me $15!


At least for the pocket mirrors (since those are the only product I ever ordered) I like how crispy and vibrant the colors were.


You must order with a minimum quantity, for the pocket mirrors was min. of the 25 items. Also you can add extra design with no cost!


Best of the best, I felt I was talking to a friendly neighbor. The owner was attentive, guided me patiently and was fast.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

I would totally recommend this to any person , independent artist and studios who wants to make special gifts or just have some nice stuff for their business!



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