Into my Life 7

Well, once again, I have failed to keep up with my blog. Life is pretty extraordinary and mysterious, but at the same time it’s kinda of a jerk. Lots of things had made my life spun around, from stuff I’ve enjoyed, to events that had taken wrong turns and ended in a disastrous way; but I always try to keep my head up and stay positive, even if most of the time I don’t believe in myself. I hate being vulnerable and show it to the people, but I guess I’ll make an exception in here because I just need to speak to the world, and let things go…

Fight with determination, embrace life with passion, lose with class and win with boldness, because the world belongs to those who dare and life is too beautiful to be negligible. – Charles Chaplin

The process is such an essential key that without it, the execution means nothing valuable.

New Projects

I’m onto new personal projects as well as international competition for an illustrated book. This way I can keep myself busy while finishing my portfolio and keeping up with my job, duties, bills and responsibilities. I see myself developing my skills and growing my ambitions on illustrated books rather than comics, maybe that should be one of my mini goals to accomplish by the end of summer.

Doing some fanart of Amazing World of Gumball!

I’ve been inspired lately by vikings and How to Train a Dragon.

Also, I have been self-teaching some techniques and styles, to try challenges out of my comfort zone, develop new skills and acquire new knowledge that doesn’t have to be related to art. I have bought severals books (Like Loish’s artbook) to feed my pupils with a bit from graphic design, humor and DIY mini projects. More books still counting on my wishlist! So hopefully I’ll finish the illustrated book by August and send a copy to the company, If I don’t win it’s ok. As long as I accomplish finishing that book and have a least a little recognition on the company, for me it’s a goal and I’ll be happy for it.


The High and Low

I keep jumping from many decisions to another, I have so much in my head that I keep changing my mind and it’s driving me nuts. I know what I want, I just don’t know how to accomplish it. Been independent for years, it’s awesome, it’s feels great when nobody claims you anything when they helped you out or trash you when you asked for help. Yes, that’s what I have dealt in life, especially in the nuclear family. Bad part of been self-supporting is when the bad weather kicks in, is quite depressing and exhausting not having the support you need right by your side, and you enter in desperate survival mode, choosing the alternatives carelessly or unwisely.


So, I’ve been contemplating a lot Charles Chaplin’s poems, they are quite inspiring. I can identify myself a bit with him. I feel like he’s been through a lot, especially thinking about life and it’s wonders. Recently somebody tried to open up my eyes once more, made a huge, loud wake-up call to me, and it hit me so hard, that I almost collapsed. It did brought tears, but these weren’t coming from me nor they weren’t sadness. The tears came from my soul, they screamed from desperation, to fight back and reclaim something. Like if my soul was called out, ready to leave my body behind and simply run away, back to it’s home. I’ve been thinking a lot…


I must return back home, something is calling my heart and I can no longer ignore it…


I must go before it’s too late…


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