Into my Life 6

Oh boy, it’s been months since I updated my blog. I apologize for this behavior, it’s been a quite busy and interesting months full of work, brainstorming, hangouts and meaningful discoveries. Back again last semesters we, the girls, used to be very shy and usually spent our days in our caves. There were no drama but we didn’t have the communication (the most elaborated, actual one), except for duties and questions.


Sometimes this is office.

This semester was awesome, all the girls, including me, manage to hang out a little more. From late nights snacks & munchies, to awful rants and crazy rides. We got the opportunity to get to know each other better, share opinions and experiences and also help each other. I love these girls, even if we had our differences, rants or misunderstanding, I do love them. They became a blessing once they stepped in to our lodging, and for that I am forever grateful of them becoming part of my life!


We LOVE pizza so much, that we could marry it!

Street Foods

Basically I’ve been hanging out on these food stores with the girls, yeah I spent a few bucks this months because of this, but I actually like it. We shared some laughs, confessions, and even a bit of arguments, but is ok.


We can’t forget the ritual of the special treat of ice-cream, it’s a must!


Patty was very concentrated with her ice-cream until this happened. Jaymis was questioning my existence by that time…


Gotta admit, I love food and the man who conquers me with food is a keeper!

I enjoyed every bits of these moments, they were all special and funny. A few doors closed while others opened to reveal a path. Now I have to work hard to build the track, so I can ride back to my destiny, where I belong.


It’s been years since I stepped a foot on the beach.

The Hangout Spots

I’ve also been to many places like the beach, restaurants, friends’ houses and even at the supermarket (I know this doesn’t sound fun at all, but keep reading.) Recently I have established a strong bond with 2 of my coworkers, and it’s been a lovely process. I never though in my life to make a friendship with people who are completely different from me, have drastic background stories and have barely anything in common with me. I guess life gives you surprises after all.


Sometimes my life get interesting when these guys invade my space.


This was the house were I lived 15 years ago. It still feels nostalgic!

Taking care of my aunt wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed her company all the time. Recently she got an injury on her leg, so I had to watch her from to time to time, and take her to the offices and hospital whenever she need it. We laughed at our jokes and stupidities, we shared stories and experiences and mostly we took care of each other, and still do. My aunt is one of those woman who wake you up and explain things with a scream, loves to eat and argue like a boss, and loves her life style while regretting nothing from her past. Now that’s something admirable from a woman with years of suffering, challenges and goals. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this out for years, should’ve hangout with her more years ago. The supermarket has been my spot for hanging with my aunt lately. Recently she taught me how compared prices between lots of shopping paper, how to equalize the prices and so on. I feel like I completed a 1/4 of my adulthood somehow…


More of the materials to explore.

Big Preparations

So I’ve been preparing myself for one of the most anticipated, biggest event in my life as an independent, local artist. So I decide to explore new merchandise and do things by myself, instead of spending hundreds of dollar on companies. Of course trying to save a few bucks it’s good, but sometimes having the experience to deal with stuff, explore techniques and learn your mistakes, is worth a try and to share with people. I already went to the event, so I’ll post about it eventually, meanwhile I’ll write about a tutorial of stickers soon!


This is what you get when you don’t have all the inks accessible…


Some holographic adhesive paper to play with!

I spent a lot of money on these materials, I even had headaches with my printer, which is good, because I always liked to be on a workshop or be part or a printing industry temporary, just to learn the essentials techniques as a graphic designer. Nevertheless I learned and enjoyed myself on the most frustrating week prior to PRCC2016. It was a challenge and now a completed achievement!


I want to thanks these girls for helping me out with my merchandise, during the week before PRCC, morning through evening!


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