Tintero PR 2016

A week ago I was able to participate at Tintero: Festival de Comics y Arte Independiente de Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras, Casa Ruth Hernandez. It lasted for only 2 days and I have to admit, I did had a blast. Met new faces, made connections and I was even interviewed by some students, which I felt so honored. I remember the first time I assisted to Tintero, I was so excited yet nervous at the same time. This time the event passed so fast that I didn’t want to go back home.

I don’t see these artists as my competition, instead I see them as a source of inspiration, as a connection, a support and even importantly as an ally.

This is the colorful Casa Ruth Hernandez.

Before assisting to Tintero, I managed to stay a few days at my partner’s home and had a good time. Between late night hangouts, new foods, rant & philosophical conversations as well as video-games & movie time, we conclude in something. Our lives made a bit sense when we are together, is like we are some kind of resource to each other, and maybe we shouldn’t be wasting our time. Instead we should adventure together to new quests, conquer new dreams and make some achievements.


The second time I was accepted to participate on Tintero, I asked my partner if he would love to help me out for a bit since the first time I was alone. He kindly accepted and help my out setting up my table, receiving the customers and choosing the right merchandise to display at the event.

The best spot from the second floor!

The Arrival

I must admit, I love the exteriors as well the interiors of this house. The furniture were beautiful and antique, the feeling of staying in a wooden house brought me so much nostalgia. I love how the light loomed up beautifully through the doors while the warm breeze caressed softly my skin. The house brought me memories from 15 years ago, when I used to lived on my hometown with my grandparents.

The garden is also pretty, with some table, chairs and umbrella.

I really loved the mural’s designs and that umbrella too. The roof was weird and attractive at the same time.

Tintero had volunteers helping us out, like every year, with merchandise transportation, watching our tables while taking some quick breaks. One of the things that became a huge bonus was the accessibility of a parking lot for the exhibitors. Although the spaces between the tables were a bit challenging. All of us were so close to each other, I felt so tight. Sometimes it was a bit difficult for me to put my luggage below the table, as well as to take out the merchandise of it. The constant movement between the tables, people passing through, moving chairs and organizing the luggage was a hassle for me. Either way I had fun and made it through.


Yeah, I never asked the consent for these guys but I bet they love their new look, especially the guy on the front!

 Business Time

At 8:30 am we arrived to our destination, I was guided by a volunteer while my partner went to park his car and get some stuff for me. Setting up my table was easy, what was a bit challenge for me was the organization of the products to make a friendly-visual display for my costumer. I hate to admit I failed that part as a graphic designer. I had to much merchandise that I couldn’t make a proper decision on the 1st day, on the 2nd day my partner help me out to choose different merchandise. The traffic of people was great, on the morning was a bit slow but very fluid through the afternoon till the end of the event. There were some occasions where the place was overcrowded!

The tables were small and I had a huge inventory.

These lovely pixel chicks and creature by XenoHybrida ART.

The New Talents

I found some interesting artists that day, each of them were so unique that I was able to distinguish them because of their artwork. I visited some of my allies and other new faces. The bad news was that I wasn’t able to buy anything. I was so concentrated on attending the clients that barely had time to visit the other artists calmly. At least my partner took care of my spot while I rushed to some tables and snap some photos for good memories.

Ever since I joined to this group on Facebook, I have opened up all my doors to anyone who seeks help or an ally.

Ivia Pantoja, she is so creative that I loved everything on her table.

I completely forgot the name of the artist, but I was amazed how detailed the artwork was.

My other neighbor, Lyanne Febo’s table had some interesting yet disturbing artwork, nice!

I admire so much gerful.pr artwork, she is one of my compadres.


Petupetin was my neighbor, I really like line work and had some interesting concepts.

Petupetin was my neighbor, I really like line work and had some interesting concepts.


I had fun in the event, even though that weekend became so short. I was surprised the huge amount of people that visited me (from a group of local artist on Facebook). Since I never had the time to participate at the group’s meet up, these people came by my table and took some time to introduce themselves and expressed how much they were happy to find me there. I even hugged artists I never met at my life. 

Oh God! Look at that face of mine, such happiness!

I want to thank you guys for the unexpected interview and support! I wish you the best for your careers, life and goals!

Also I want to congratulate all the artists who participated, the staffs and the owners of the event. To everyone who visited me, thank you all of the opportunity to serve you. My beloved long time partner, thanks for making sense in my life and staying right beside me. Also one thing that caught me off guard was an unexpected interview by 2 college students. I was astonished by the fact that a professor sent his students, Lorena Schmidt and her friend, to have a nice chat with me about my life as a student and aspiring professional.


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