Into my Life 5

I had a bittersweet busy month. Between endless weeks of work and finishing my merchandise for my upcoming event of Festival Tintero 2016 (tomorrow until Sunday), I spent some quality time with myself as well hanging out with my long time partner. We had some much fun together, between mini-road trips, movie nights at the theater, street foods and some fun playing Jak and Daxter Trilogy.

January – A California girl with pizza for a calendar I want to make.

Me and Myself

I’ve been a little stressed out, sometimes at work I get 2 weeks with 60+ hours, then the third week becomes a 15 hours, and so the cycle repeats. It’s kinda stressful and tedious to be part of something you don’t like but fortunately it helps you pay the bills. I really want to take the big leap, I want to be somewhere I belong and I’m making the best of my efforts to prepare myself for my next journey.

March – A sporty ebony girl with ramen

Well, my therapy for relief was little bit of sketching while eating some interesting foods. With all the sketches I decided to make up a food theme calendar because I’m good at girls and food. Duh!

A birthday gift for my old partner!

The Ups & Downs

Let’s say I had some of my worst moments and because of them some doors had been opened for me unexpectedly. A few weeks ago my Hortense (from a previous commission) was featured on Devaint Art, got another commission and was asked to work on 2 new projects: a interesting comic and a collaboration for Comic Con 2016. Also I had been hanging out more with my old partner and we made some new discoveries, quite surprised we had so much in common that we can’t be separated because we somehow produce good vibes and motivation to each other. I think we might end up doing something interesting in the future.

Aren’t these ladies and doughnut cute enough?

Festival Tintero 2016

I’ve been preparing myself and my merchandise for a long time, I’m quite happy to participate once more (2nd year) on Festival de Comics y Arte Independiente de Puerto Rico. I can’t wait to see my allies and their new stuff, also meet new faces and make connections! One of my most creative merchandise was the keychains. I’m so proud of myself. It’s been a long time since I saw this tutorial by the talented Niaro.


This time I have lots of merchandise to offer and still looking up for more challenges and ideas for my other events in a near future. For now I’m in the pursuit of transparent holographic sheets for some new stickers and probably the calendar.


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