Into my Life 1.5

I wrote this post a long ago in my old weebly blog, which is called Into my Life, wrote on April 30 2015. It was a stage where everything that surrounded me changed and made me toughen up. So I’ll rewrite this with more details because I think anyone can be facing or faced the same circumstances as me and probably can learn something from it. Because of this it will be called Into my Life 1.5.

This is my nice and cool roommate BV…Our room may seem compact but I always felt comfortable with it!

I have gone through rough times which sometimes I can’t explain how they develop and I ask myself why me. I have a heavy past that I can’t seem to shake off or deal with it completely. As you all may not know, I’ve been living on a lodging for about 3 months (since February), and it’s not easy to share a common place with 5 strangers, with different stories, unpleasant attitudes, bad habits and so on…but is easy to tag along if you are independent and responsible and of course if to stand up yourself.

A small tour between our kitchen and living-dinning room.

Hang on!

What really kept my interest up and excited was the event of “Festival Tintero 2015” two months ago. After so much heartache and depression at college, that moment when I’m about to give up on everything, I gave it a shot, just to experience what is like to be part of these events. At first my submission was reject due to lack of space. Luckily after 2 months I received an email telling me that someone cancelled their space and I was the 1st on the waiting list. I screamed and jump like I’ve won a freaking lottery. None of these were easy, as I was accepted to the event, I had to take some time to have the permissions on date, ask for free days at my job, spend money on merchandise, shipping, space, table and gas. Not to mention I got lost on the road for an hour, trying to figuring out the place, but I was really proud of the whole process and gain a decent amount to pay my expenses.

Pretty cosmetic bags from BQueen and Wendolyn!

Pretty pins and posters!


Pretty much Hell! Highs and Lows! This and That! Finally! I’m nearly about to end my most hated degree ever, Graphic Design! I don’t “love” it like most of my colleagues would, and sometimes I feel bad about it because most of that time I don’t think I deserve the diploma for not having passion for what I studied . I don’t find it exciting or enjoyable. I just HATE IT! It’s been 5 years of struggle. To conclude my final semester I develop within months of investigations and weeks of desperate designing measures an activity book. It became a sustainable book that talks about garbage and the 3R phases, also including 30 nice DIY activities to do anywhere, especially if you were home-stuck.



Nevertheless, I must admit I have lost the complete support from my family, especially in this painful and endless semester, and I felt I was compromised to be homeless to due to an unfair event. Now you see the reason of why I’m living with roommates. As for now, I’m preparing myself to apply for master to one of Spain’s college animation, and hopefully they pick me up on summer. This is something new for me, earning experiences and connecting with new people; and hopefully gaining my passion and confidence once more, by  studying on a degree that deep inside I know it will complete me and probably make a 360 º  turn in my life, for the better.


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