A Wobbly Path

Nobody told me it was so damn competitive but I had an idea what it was about. Rejections are normal, relationship with customers are also supernormal and essential (connecting with other potential customers), and networking should always be your law. You have tons of stuff stored in your laptop but NDA keeps interfering, so you can’t show them. Abrupt cancellations are bound to happen, so you end running around from studio to agency and vice versa. A good thing about freelancing is managing your time.

People based on geometric shapes.
Practicing small gif animation with pencil effects.

Polishing My Teeth

The animation industry have so many roles and departments, sometimes it can feel overwhelming the situation. That’s why my Boss always taught me to be multitasked and multitalented, even though I did hate some roles. Having multiple skills and style can give you better chances to stay up in the game, and perform for various studios too. I’ve been practicing a lot in summer to start my new career as a visual development artist (animated series and movies). I can go anywhere from character design, background designer/painter, storyboard artist or animator. I also show my creative process from time to time.

A rendering of what my last job looked like ( I was a convenient store cashier).
Backgrounds are scary for me for how complex the seem, but I enjoy the ride when rendering.
An environment with organic, sketchy line artwork and less contrasting color. Next stop would be mood colors.

Outside is super competitive and sometimes people get too comfortable in their safe zone, most of the times things don’t seem stable since technology and demands keep shifting and increasing. I’m not sure what my future looks like, but I’m heading on with my head first and see what happens. Going to submit this year for Nickelodeon!

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