Mondo Bizarro

Ok, so I have committed myself to make a new post every 2 weeks to keep my viewers updated with my life and have a new hobby just to be more productive in my time. Last week I got a little adventure with a long time partner and this time I got to visit one of the most anticipated places in my To-Do list, Mondo Bizarro.

A place full of colorful streets, young spirits and lot’s of locals to hang out.

Into the Streets

I was so amused how the town was visually appealing. Some walls and murals had amazing artworks, there was even a gigantic painting in a building of more than 7 floors. I wished I had more time to stroll the plaza for a bit and visit the locals to see what they have to offer, but I had very short time.

I wish I had time to see these carefully. Colorful little birdy reminds of MLP.

Some pretty ladies hanging-out in the balcony by Sofia Maldonado.

Beautiful 8 story mural.

Spotted another one!

This local is amazing, I even like the entrance that has the shape of a mouth.

Mondo Bizarro

Is a comic store-cafe located at 1063 Ave. Ponce de León, Río Piedras. My experience was delightful, it had a friendly environment, filled with curious people, awesome merchandise and treats of course (sadly I ate none). I like how this place support the local artists by exhibiting their artworks and expand them commercially. I was a bit shy to ask how it worked, so instead I started to stalk the shop for a while.

A no trespassing area. A took a quick snap before getting caught sooner.

Loved how simple, effective and clean their design was on their menu.

This was part of the counter believe or not!

I was so excited with the whole experience, I felt I was in home. This is one of the atmosphere where I belong. During my small tour on the shop, I was able to witness a section products of skateboarding, a section of comics and collectibles toys, as well as a gallery.  I’m happy that my partner took the time to make this happen for me; and I’m grateful that we are sharing some time together as well as having similar interests and goals. This means a lot for both of us.

Never heard of it but I’m gonna check it out!

The Nice Merchandise

Mondo Bizarro had a lot of interesting merchandise like the toys I saw (definitively my style). What I like about these is that they had food theme incorporated in their design. They were very creative as well as expensive…I felt so comfortable that it was like my kind of place to stay. I have encountered several interesting stuff, from comics, books, statues, toys and even an exhibition of artworks collaborated by local artists.

Love the artistic design: simple, colorful, vectors.

Cute pastel color lolita ladies with a sprinkle of sweetness.

A vigilant funky abominable monster.

Cute plushies creatures hanging at the top of the shelf.

Love the minimalist art and the golden Baroque element, it adds a nice touch to a simple background.

Everything on the store was pretty much interesting, I wanted to buy almost everything on it but I was bit restrictive. From tiny random toys collectibles, cute and weird plush to collectible figures, you can possibly steal some nice ideas and concepts for your next adventure!

Los Monkey is a local independent restaurant that has the most ridiculous hamburgers.

Street Food: Los Monkeys

Once we finished our tour in Mondo Bizarro, we decided to try something different. I let my partner to choose a place that we could eat nearby with an interesting concept, that’s were he recommended going to a local restaurant called Los Monkeys. This fast food restaurant has the most ridiculous, succulent hamburgers like one with mac n cheese and bacon or a hamburger with chorizo or maduros. It’s an insane but memorable flavor. I loved it and I hope to return once again..

Very spacious place, simple designs and a relax environment.

don’t remember what had mine but all I can tell is that it was fk* good!

This kind of activity should be done more often . I know this will help me to grow and explore what’s out there and what I’m capable of. I’m not here exclusively to pay up my debts or be stuck forever without making my dreams come true. Sometimes that’s the way I feel, my life has a restricted job that doesn’t help me grow, a student loan bigger than my face and a car that can’t cooperate to function outside of my town. I can’t wait to get out of this monotone lifestyle sooner and challenge myself for the better.


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