Full Force Impact

Last year was utterly devastating for me, but it was the footprint that initiated the path of my journey to rediscovery. The treachery from “loved ones”, the heartbreaking relationships, the blueprint from childhood, and the sabotaging patterns; they were meant to happen and lead me to where I stand now. I just came, after almost a year, to garden my blog home once more.

People never change, only the circumstances and priorities do. We can adapt to the situation by changing our patterns and behaviors, for the better or worse. We evolve with progression, to change is to become something we weren’t from the beginning. ” – Jessa Otero

Every knowledge that I have acquired from blood, sweat and tears.

Embracing Uncertainty

I was confused with the whole ordeal, not sure of what to become or how to begin with. During the journey, I learned storytelling by attending clients behind a cash register. I listened closely, exchange some truths, and let my guard down with a few strangers. Words became wiser, and connections more memorable. The idea of coming back to what it used to be familiar relapsed. Impulsive decisions led me to unknown places, California. I didn’t think by that time, I just packed my things and left without a word. Burbank was one of the most breathtaking experience I ever had. I fell in love with her and I can’t see myself elsewhere.

Some people come and go in your journey. To stay for the long road or give you the right lesson.

Reminiscing Fragments

The ones who hurt you immensely by pushing you to the bottom, are the ones that are gonna make you go forward by growing wiser, making you humble, and reassembling you more stronger. Others come to offer you a joyful ride, experience things more lively without any judgment for a fraction of a second. Michael was one of them. Lastly comes the ultimate companions, the ones that make you bright till the darkest times, that reciprocate unconditional love, one of the kind soul mate, I finally found one, Denisse! This is the stage where I actually started experiencing love, finding my place and calling it Home. I became completed with myself.

Concluding The Last Chapter

Without any small breaks for space or breathing, I endured every hit that life threw at me; lessons after lesson. Rage is an impregnated motion within me, an uncontrollable passion that makes me move beyond. As a little apprentice, I’m learning to channel the waves and use it as a drive to keep going forward, instead of hurting others. A big journey lies ahead, I don’t plan to stay for a while; I already made my final decision, and I’m almost on the top.


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