Merch Review: Moo Business Cards

During my last year of my bachelor’s internship, I was introduced to some Moo samples by a colleague. The material of the sample were amazing and the quality of the photos and crispy colors were outstanding. During my previous art conventions, I started to look for local deals and bundles for my business cards. None of the offers convinced me because not a single industry worked with round corners, and I was with a low budget. That’s why I decided to try for the first time Moo’s printing service

My moo mini business cards are home!

Moo is a big printing industry, experts on crafted business stationery and promotional materials. They cover lots of paper stock like matte, glossy and even eco-friendly ones. The gold foil, spot-gloss, and paper+ NFC are even a bonus. It offers a variety of products, including some nice packaging that comes along with the product when shipped (In my case my mini business cards were stored in small cute boxes).

I wanted to try something different instead of the business card everyone knows about.
You can add up to 100 different designs with no extra cost using Prinfinity!

Cost & Shipping

Prices were affordable and the shipping was ok. They even offered discounts and bundles for students and professionals.


Loved the idea that they manage several paper-stock, with a few bonuses like spot-gloss and gold foil


It depends on the product. They have minimum quantities established for each product.


Recently I noticed that my batch had some errors on my cards (not made by me, but the software or print device from the company.) I checked twice the proof-preview PDF and everything seemed in place, but when the mini cards arrived, my social icons were near to the bottom of the card and the title was way far from the top margin. Also an image I couldn’t identify, with a height of 2px and the width as the same as the card, was misleading part of the content in some cards. I contacted them and they agreed on sending me a second batch corrected within a week. I was pleased.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

If you want something fresh, flexible with a lot of things to do and experiment, then Moo is the site for you. The flexibility for the quantities of the designs, the packages that caught me off guard and the varieties and possibilities on the products for your promotional and branding area are endless.


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