Into my Life 3

This year I afforded several tools for my convenience for my artworks and conventions, as well as last Christmas, I had a very special gift; a big one that caught me off guard. After all the trouble I got through and all the mischief I’ve caused because of my attitude and circumstances, Santa knew I deserved to be rewarded for the hard work and sacrifice. I was awarded with a Canon Pixma iP8720 and oh boy, it is big and heavy as a Transformer! I couldn’t take it to my lodging, it was way huge for my room, so I had to place it in my secret lair.

My mini prints for my upcoming exhibition Tintero: Festival de Cómics y Arte Independiente de Puerto Rico 2016.


Several prints I made with my original artworks with 100lb paper.

Working out with the whole package!

I started to test it on several setting on my computer as well with different stock paper, still haven’t reach my complete satisfaction yet, but I’m on the right track of the process. It’s a bit of a complicated process and I need to go through several phases (mistakes and fall-down) just to achieved that happy-medium state I desired so much. So you can say that I’ve been pretty busy lately.

My toybox, where I store my most essential yet efficient tools for my crafting.

A New System

Ever since I participated in my previous conventions, I took drastic measures and established several changes. This way I can keep track of my expenses, losses, gross earned and what saves time and money. After learning from past mistakes, I decide it was time to hit the budget and buy some useful tools. One of the most essential and efficient tool I have ever bought was a trimmer, because I want to avoid to repeat the same mistake (small but deadly accident) of cutting off a part of my index finger with a scalpel. Also because I don’t have a good precision with cutters either. I opted of buying my EK Rotary Paper Trimmer for it’s affordable price and different utilities it posses.

I even bought several extras like a mini planner, to keep track of everything I earn and spend related to merchandise and conventions.

My time saving Ek Rotary Paper Trimmer. You can also change the blades for different utilities.

My 6mm Paper Cutter Hand Punch Circle & 1\16 Fiskars Hand Punch Hole.

Some 1″ round stickers with pixel food on it, quite disappointing product.

Downfalls for Success

In order to gain experiences and succeed, one must sweat the hard work, make sacrifices, spend what’s got left, risk it all and fail, and fail all over again. Here are some nice, brief tips for you to overcome when dealing as a frustrated an independent artist.


Lesson #1 : If you want cool and shinny stickers, please don’t buy products made of plain paper. For starters like me, this Avery product was a headache, a mistake? No. It was impossible to arrange, it was all out of place and I simply dislike it. It has lots of bad reviews, so think twice before diving in.


Lesson #2 : Do a research before diving into it. You may want to save a few headaches and money.


Lesson #3 : Test all your artworks of different stocks of paper, until you found the one that satisfy you. At the same time play with the setting of your printer, computer and programs for better precision.


Lesson #4 : A little maintenance to your printer doesn’t hurt at all.


Lesson #5 : The 100lb plain paper seems tough and promising but for printing quality, it makes the sparks of your artwork fade away.


Concluding this session, if my absences shines drastically, don’t worry. It’s just I’m a bit busy with my stuff but if you like to see my reaction or something from me, you can wake me up or give me a little nudge. I’m alive and well concentrated on my things, I just need a little impulse from the people that surrounds me.


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