Merch Review: Artscow Cosmetic Bags

Once I was checking out several mail accounts (mainly my college one) and while reading through the junk something caught my eye, Artscow had been offering some nice prices on their cosmetic and canvases bags. I knew I had to try it before the bitchy Maria (Hurricane category 5) struck the Island.

The 2 bags I ordered from Artscow.

Artscow doesn’t say much about themselves or make a unique bio at least. Is another company that sells personalized gifts with the use of photos or designs that clients desire to choose. They have their own editing platform and they also offer a variety of items to customize. Astonishingly not all companies offer what they have, like pillows cases, curtains, flip flops, dresses, shoes and even swimsuits. How cool is that?

I really like how this Doh’ cosmetic bag came out!

A New Cosmetic Bag

I remembered when my old one got dismantled while the zippers broke off. I had her since the beginning of college or probably way earlier. Sadly she didn’t do justice for a photo, but she was a bit bigger, blue-turquoise color, lots of fruits pattern with 1.5em padding on their surroundings. Another piece of brown cloth was placed where the double zippers were. Her colors eventually faded and the plastic began to crack.  I knew I had to find a new one immediately for my orphaned cosmetic products.

A small cute hidden pocket inside the cosmetic bag.

This is one easy, convenient and compact cosmetic bag to carry around. It even has an inner small zipper container to put small things too. The material is soft and the colors came out very brightly.  You can change the color of the zippers for better combination and put designs on both sides.

Crispy color and nice texture, you can even change the color of the zipper too!

Double Trouble Story

Once I managed to obtain both items (which I thought I lost during the chaos of the hurricane), I packed all my cosmetic stuff inside my Homer Bag.  After going to work with it I noticed that every time I reached for the small bag inside my guitar purse, my hands would have tiny blue stains. Then 2 days passed by and this time I began to wonder what was all this fuzz about. That’s when I realized a blue pen exploded and stained everything inside the purse, including the cosmetic bag. I WAS MAD! Luckily the cloth material was easy to clean with acetone.

This one differs from the previous bag mainly because of its texture and extra items.

Canvas Bag

The canvas bag was very new to me, although I’m not a fan of it, I could see it has several details that did stand out from the previous bag. It might look stiff because of its texture but actually is way more flexible and softer. Careful, even though it can bend anywhere, which is a pro, it can also damage stuff like pocket journals, broken pencils and more.

Similar to the lobster claw, which I have no idea what this is called, it’s an item that makes it stand out from the others.

You can easily manipulate this bag by personalizing it with pins, keychains or charms. The metal claw makes it easier to put additional stuff like keys for better accessibility and visibility, contrary to the cosmetic bag. This one is bigger but I find it delicate since it’s more of a general cloth material that can get easily stained, which makes the procedure difficult to repair or revert back.

Some colors may work either individually or entirely from the design.

A close up of the cosmetic’s canvas texture.

Cost & Shipping

For the discount offer that I use for both bags was super cheap. I only paid $9 for them with the shipping included.


Both items were excellent and exceeded my expectations. The canvas bag was the least I like but it’s mainly because I’m not a fan of how the canvas texture looks, even though clearly this one may be the most durable one.


You can order as many you like without minimum order. The more you buy, you are able to write a review of each item, which the company then gives you credit or points to buy more stuff.


There will reply back between 1 to 2 days. They will answer any questions, concerns or inform you about any detail. I had to message them since I thought I lost my package with hurricane Maria, between lack of light power, signal, and hysteria.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

Artscow offers cool stuff, amazing discount codes, interesting newsletter, site improvement updates, and unique products to personalize. You may probably hit the jackpot with their offers and if you keep giving them good reviews, they will reward you back! They have a great staff for support and lots of items to discover and customize without limitations. Also referring people can also boost up more points.


4 Responses to Merch Review: Artscow Cosmetic Bags

  1. Avatar Xeno Hybrida
    March 4, 2018

    This is great to know !!!

  2. Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
    March 5, 2018

    Thank you!

  3. Avatar walkinverse
    April 2, 2018

    Are you still using them and have you tried any other products?

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      April 12, 2018

      I still use them, especially the Homer cosmetic bag. I also tried PrinterStudio’s bags and coin purses, you can check out the review on my Merch category. Sadly I only have the description of the coin purse, still the neoprene bag (which is the first picture on the post) is actually a good product. The only 2 downside are: Single sided design and one size only. Hope this helps!

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