Into my Life 2

Last summer I met my other 3 housemates. I was worried that these 3 girls might ended up as a nightmare like the last 2 that I met from the beginning, but good things these girls are nothing compared to the forgotten souls that lived in the lodging of terror.

Preparing and breathing the Christmas spirit on last November with the new housemates.

We were actually shy to each other from the beginning, most of the time we were in our respective caves and the only time we needed to open our mouths to communicate was  whenever we said hello or had questions about our responsibilities and domestic tasks. The time passed by and the older or previous members (us) were feeling less tense and anxious around these new housemates.

Cleaning dates for better organization.

The new housemates are a delight. I feel comfortable around them, we protect each other and we have a lot in common. I don’t feel compressed by authority nor I’m in the urge of choosing sides. These girls are mature and each one of them are interesting, especially one girl who has a talent like me. I’m grateful of having peace and comfort at this moments. My first semester was awful, the second one was good and the third looks a bit promising.

These 2 were the nightmares of my beginning of my new life!

Pretty Fucked Up Chicks

The first time I moved to the lodging I faced these 2 nightmares. Hitler though she was the supreme authority. As an elemental teacher she treated us as kids and we needed to ask for permission for almost anything. In her final day on the lodging she accused us (me and my roommate) of stealing her $2 shampoo. Sicko Nun used to steal us food for 4 months, was a compulsive liar, always put us in trouble and pretended to be someone in front of others, not to mention she used to stare at us in our sleep several times (creepy and no, I’m not kidding).


I’m considering making a comic about my first experiences in the lodging. I bet there are lot of people who have encountered these ridiculous situations or simply they need to laugh at something. I don’t want to be traumatized by these events, instead I want to look back and make fun of it. Looking the positive side of it? Maybe.


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