What I Used To Hate

I feel completely bad for not updating my blog like I was supposed to. I must admit that my consistency has been something I’ve been struggling for a while and it’s hurting my progress as an artist. So today my little princesses you will learn how I began as a Background Painter.

My first draft of my background for ChickenDuck Show, Dave said I needed to give a little tweak to the perspective.

How It Began

I remember when I met Mister Dave for the first time at PRCC 2015. I spotted him and made a quick fanart of his lovely Jenny and gave it to him. He was impressed with it, we exchanged a brief info of ourselves and went back on duty at our respectable tables. Weeks later I got asked to redesign one of his characters from the animated series Vegigantes, I was super thrilled because that’s what I’m good at. He like my work and told me I would be contacted eventually. Few months passed by and he offered me a spot as a Layout artist on the series. The first task was a background.

Last attempt of my concept. This one nailed, he said.

My final piece of the background for the next ChickenDuck Show!

The more jobs I had as a background painter the more overwhelmed I became. These were something I was not interested because they were too complex and tedious to do. At one point I asked him why did he picked me up and the reply was: “Kid, the way you see things is simply beyond beautiful and powerful, you are ready to work with the big leagues, believe it or not, that’s why I picked you.”

A replica I made for TMNT with Dave Alvarez Studio. This was the original background.

Still Learning The Fundamentals

After that, I took things more seriously. Started watching some videos about perspective tutorial, environmental concept art, lighting source, color temperature and so on. Replicating not just the background but also the styles (depending on the theme or years) that was part of my job. I still have a long run to go.

I was requested to replicate a style of the 1940’s cartoons backgrounds. Best reference I got was Tom and Jerry Spy Quest for a mini clip of DuckWatch.

I had to replicate some backgrounds but spicing it up with my style like Happy World Compliment Day! in March.

Another replicate of Happy Napping Day!


I love what I’m doing, sometimes would feel shy about it but once it begins, I just plunge myself into these universes. An accurate feel and look is my mission. I used to hate it because I didn’t have knowledge of it and still on the process of learning more. Eventually, I’ll show you guys what I have done for Vegigantes or my other unpublished works. Maybe we can call this kind of nature as auto-discipline.


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