Merch Review: Jimi Agency Memopad

This one has been on my watch-list for a very long time, especially this kind of product, the holographic one. The first time I discovered Jimi Agency was when I started to stalk an artist’s merch on tumblr (My idol). That’s where I saw for the first time the memopads from them. It took me a while to find the provider since their name wasn’t posted anywhere in some occasions. As soon as I found their site I started to observe their products in awe .


Love how accurate the colors came out!

Jimi Agency is a small independent business composed by 2 members in Seoul in South Korea, Jiny and Miso. Both have participated in art conventions and have managed to provide unique products for international services, which similar products are unlikely reachable outside of Korea.

Inside the memopad, crispy details.

You can see a bit of broken prism with natural light.

Jimy Agency offers limited and unique products that are quite expensive but yet manage to impress the client. I noticed that they had some disadvantages last time I ordered which made my process a little tedious . Since they are still growing as an independent business, is likely of them to have a few products to manufacture, compared to a big company like Zazzle or PrinterStudio.

Some Downsides

This is what I’ve experienced. Maybe this observation of mine shouldn’t be taken as the worst service or not totally worth it. They just work different from the other independent business I had came across and probably, in my perspective, they might facing some difficulty or are in the process of organizing themselves. Possible scenarios could be lack of resources or connections, etc.

  • They take orders on specifics dates and in specific groups, so you must be updated on every movement.
  • Not all products are available at the same time.
  • Probably you need to wait a few months for the product to be restocked.
  • Multiple design has a cost.
  • You must wait months (probably 3 to 5, depends) to re-take new orders and for been shipped.
  • Last time I checked the process to fill out the form and make an order was a long process, withing carefully reading each page and choosing the products you needed.

A close-up with a little bit of flashlight to activate the broken prism effect.

Cost & Shipping

Prices are a bit pricey. One thing that I noticed is that the shipping was included in my total which was $95 overall, so I can’t recall how much it costed my shipping.


The quality and materials are amazing, especially the holographic one which it has become a difficult task for me to find.


Only bigger quantities, you can still order small quantities but the prices won’t drop. You can order as much as you want but each design cost individually.


They take a little while to reply, no more than 48 hours. In my order, I faced an overwhelming situation where my bank account was compromised. After I filled out the form, I managed to contact them and asked for a couple of days until my status was resolved. They immediately agreed and even tried other method of payments for my convenience, since the primary one wasn’t working out for me.

Overall 4 ☆ 5

In my opinion this was my most anticipated product ever since I started making merchandise of my own artwork. Is it worth the risk? For me it’s totally worth the shot, this shot meant a lot for me. After finding out about my economical crisis, then these guys trying their best to make things flexible for me and my product traveled from Korea, it was more than product, it was a goal. Probably an experience that I may never forget…So if you are ready for the big leagues, then let me tell you to go for it!


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  1. August 15, 2016

    thanks for the review! I saw someone with some jimi cards at a show and it peaked my interest, your blog is definitely pushing me towards trying them out.

    • Jessa Otero The Grey Sanctuary
      August 16, 2016

      Hello! I’m pleased when people find something useful on my blog, especially my merch reviews. Thank you for your time reading my post. Also keep up the motivation and pushing yourself and your artwork to success!

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