CatPrint Sample Kit

Catprint is an evergrowing printing company that dedicates to the production of a variety of paper material and outstanding finishes for individuals and companies. You can find products like business cards, art prints, printed envelopes, stickers, and stationery.

Although requesting a sample of their papers doesn’t actually give you the right answer of how accurate the quality of the colors of your design will be, this can still give you an idea about the look and feel of the product itself from texture to durability.

I love the idea of the papers been merged together with that plastic button tool.

Types of Sample Kit

Requesting a sample kit from Catprint is available on their page and it’s free! Also, you can choose one of the 3 options which they offer for different purposes or customers:

  • Classic Sample Pack: It contains a sample book of all types of papers, several business cards with finishes, and printed envelopes.
  • Wedding Sample Pack: Deluxe sample papers specifically for wedding printing products, it contains Save the Date samples, specialty stocks, and finishes.
  • NEW! White Printing Samples (I have no clue on this one but I suspect are bright white papers sample since the Classic Sample Pack’s papers were a bit dull, like opaque white.)
Each paper has its name, finish, and weight described at the top of the card.

What’s Inside My Catprint Kit

I requested mine and in less than 2 weeks I received it in the mail. This one has a small catalog of all types of papers (raging from texture, material, finishes, and weight) that can be ordered through them at any time. This gives you a glimpse of what they work with and how the quality of the images is affected due to the materials.

One simple detail that you can notice is that some papers are more opaque than others, while the vibrant ones enrich the color quality of the images. You can also see the difference of cardstocks, from hard and less bendable material to products with glimmering finishes for a professional look.

Normal, prism and foil.
Rose gold, silver and gold foil finishes.

I seriously want to try the foil finishing for an upcoming print soon. I have never done them before, but I was researching the protocol of making one and there are some steps to follow in order to obtain the correct or desired design.

They also provide a small variety of printed envelopes between colors, texture and type of paper for those seeking to upgrade their stationery. It would’ve been nice to have a sample sheet of their vinyl sticker paper to see the quality and diversity of materials.

Before printing anything I suggest to ask for a quotation of an order with a representative. When I asked mine they said I could request a hard proof for testing. This is actually good to see the end result before proceeding to buy the order.


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