Merch Review: Zazzle

It’s has been a long time since I posted here, probably a month ago, with some useful information about my new journeys and experiments with online industries. I was quite busy organizing myself, but I need to change this habit of monthly written post and need to have more determination to draw everyday, just to make a creative workout. I feel like a robot nowadays with so much to do (not art related) and bills to pay (not merch related or cons). Recently I just made a purchase from Zazzle for the third time. I don’t like the products, I love it!


Look what got in and out!

Zazzle is big industry of  personalized gifts, it has an infinite of a varieties of products and the best technology to produce it. It’s been running for a decade now, lots of industries connections such as Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, National Geographic and even Grumpy Cat!


Beautiful crispy colors and such strong materials. A special thanks to the model too!


Love the double sided view, it looks nice!

The first time I saw Zazzle and browsed the shop, I noticed how expensive some stuffs were. Still I had it bookmarked for years, or at least saved in my favorites. Things took a different turn just when I glanced a tempting coupon code that was offered by Zazzle, which I couldn’t let to waste. Fortunately for me, my order was affordable, came fast and even I was surprise of the high quality of the print as well of the material.


I ordered a load of 3″ round glossy stickers!


Such a perfect combination of colors, I borrowed my housemate’s notebook.


Loved the material, though I don’t recommend touching it a lot because it’s a fingerprint trap.

Cost & Shipping

Well some items are quite expensive, but most of the time Zazzle throws some hot special coupons codes that saves you tons of money. The shipping was ok.


For the stickers and the mini journals, which were the only items I have ordered, the quality was mind blowing and the materials they use were completely useful.


There’s no minimum quantity, although there is no such thing as order more, you save more bundle…


Never really had the urge to request any contact service, at least on instagram they commented on my photo and replied fast!

Overall 5 ☆ 5

If you are looking for more varieties of products, need to upgrade and / or you are feeling ready to spend some more money, then this could be your next step; but you must be careful and make good decision whether or not this is what you are willing for to risk.


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