Merch Review: StickerApp Custom Sticker

One of the most difficult things I encountered was to find an affordable service with none or a small minimum quantity to make a purchase. Discovering new sites and comparing products and services helps you expand to new experiences and knowledge. StickerApp became a lifesaver when I wanted to try something new with a low budget.

Yes will do!

StickerApp is a printing custom sticker company based in Sweden that have more than a decade operating its business. They cover a lot of materials, sticker sizes as well as cutline. They also work with custom phone cases and skins too!

Look how big and colorful it is!

One thing that killed me the was the tool design they had on their platform, you could resize the sticker, edit the cutline, add text caption and even re-color a background. You can also preview the scale of the sticker and change the quantity there too! How cool is that?!

I really love how accurate the colors were, though the details seemed a bit blurry.

Nice cutline you have there darling!

One of the things I like most was the small quantity that you can order. You can start with $20! The sites I stumbled upon were able to offer services if the quantity exceeded from 50 and up while paying double the price. StickerApp is so much flexible and affordable. I love how my stickers came out and also the package was a huge plus. With this last detail you can tell how much they care for providing protection to your product as well as letting you know Package Design matters. Visually and technically!

Did I said you should try this out?

Cost & Shipping

I payed for an overall of $23 (shipping and handling) which is super affordable and accomadable for a low quantity of stickers. I believe this is great for those who like to carry out small merchandise.


Loved the smooth cutline, the nice coating and how accurate and crispy the colors turned out. The material was very durable, resistant and flexible.


You can begin your order with a minimum quantity starting with $20 which is way more flexible compared to other sites. I don’t think they offer discount though.


Maybe I can update this later for better accuracy…

Overall 5 ☆ 5

If you like to order small merchandise for an affordable price and have an easy access to resize or design some small details (on the run) inside the same platform, then I recommend you StickerApp. It’s also great when you are in rush or in a low budget. The site makes the process easy and user-friendly. You can also re-order the same product with a push of a button.


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