Fall Forward

Life is strange indeed, it turns, twists and backfires in a split second. As we grow we get molded, we struggle with our inner forces while we build our safe bubble once out on our own. Adulthood makes you vulnerable but only if you are willing to have a taste of failure.

Sometimes the best way to know where are you going is failing – Denzel Washington

Overlapping Destinations

My life had enough of my comfort zone and decide to make an abruptly 360 ° turn.  Due to my failures, I felt a great disappointment in myself. Now my new temporary space seems unsettling, getting adapted to an unknown place that has everything is difficult; I was so used to little things. Due to the interpersonal situation, I had to move out of my hometown in order to start a new chapter. This is where sacrifice played a huge role: I turned down my 2 resources, move far from the people I still care and seek refuge in the most unimaginable territory.

I found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks…There is no passion to be found playing small settling for a life that’s less than the one you are living. – Nelson Mandela

Why Should We Embrace Failing

One of the actors that I have admired for so long is Denzel Washington, not only because of his talent on his acting but the way he expresses and conveys his feelings and emotions on his speeches to teach others. His acceptance of failure is incredible and asked the following: So why should we embrace the idea of failing?

  1. You have to accept it at some point in your life.
  2. If you are not trying then you aren’t failing at all.
  3. Sometimes failing is the best way to know where are you going.

Fear is one feeling that hasn’t allowed me to experience life completely. The idea of getting hurt, invest emotionally and reciprocate are things that I usually avoid. Overall I end up feeling less honest and open with myself and those who have a closer relationship with me. Failure is acceptance of ourselves, so please when you fail, fall forward.


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