Merch Review: Blurb Journal

Remember when I said on my previous post that I was still testing other sites for a personalized journal? Well, here is my last one, and I have a lot of interesting things to say about Blurb’s hardcover journal.

Loved this product so much, so thin but long!

I had bought before from blurb, this would be my second product from them. Comparative are usually great observations and studies for available, favorable and best choices. If you like to be lead by some stranger’s review, then, by all means, follow the guidance, but experimenting on your own should be a priority.

The drawings can be seen through, which means the pen, marker or pencil might leave mark or traces…

Designing the inner pages was a plus!

One of the best things about Blurb is that you can design almost everything in the journal, even inside of it. They offer the Booksmart application for better development and customization of the product. From adding extra pages, pictures and even a title to the spine (such a smart move). Though, adding pictures with color was quite pricey, good thing I stuck up with black and white.

Fine and smooth outcome!

Each product you acquire from them comes with a discount code for your next purchase. So be on the lookout on your package and don’t forget to use the code on your next purchase!

Such a damn fine Viking you have there…

Cost & Shipping

I paid for an overall of $23 (shipping and handling) because of a discount code. Shipping was ok though!


Everything was neat and in place. One of the interesting things I found about the journal was the pages, they had this subtle yellow color and a matte texture (uncoated 60# – 90GSM white paper). Still worried that the ink could be seen through the paper.


Again, Blurb does offer a discount when ordering larger quantities, still, you can manage to buy just one.


I didn’t have the need to request help, but I bet they can get the job done when seeking solutions.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

If you like to have something for your own or make merchandise for your store and have some freedom for your creativity, then I suggest to try out Blurb’s journals with the Booksmart app. They offer tons of alternatives, templates, and materials. Also, don’t forget to check out for those discount codes for an affordable budget, those are life savers! Happy Hunting!


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