Meet The Artist Challenge

So, I’ve been super busy and the car broke again…At least I have extra hours at my job to cover up the expenses and got good news for the Vejigantes animated series, but I don’t think I can tell yet since it still under production. During the rush of the coding for Storenvy and commission, I manage to squeeze some time for the Meet The Artist Challenge!

A little process with Manga Studio Debut 4!

Meet The Artist Process

It took me about a couple of days, but I was super excited to make it. It took me a long time with the things I hate dislike the most since I have a very extensive list and wanted to make it brief and friendly for my readers. The stuff that I wrote there it’s mostly for fun, it shouldn’t be taken seriously though. I love good humor on good timing.

Meet the Artist : The Grey Sanctuary

What About It?

Simply draw your persona or yourself, the stuff you carry on your backpack or bag and make a list (either long or short) about things you hate to death to stuff you love the most. You can also add your name, nickname, birthday, sex and all those tiny details for more exposure. You can also stick up with a black and white, digital color or traditional. Just relax, be you and have fun!

New Roads

Did I also mention that I made something for Nickelodeon’s series of TMNT? No? Ok well I did, I’m just not allowed to show until it hits the show! Anyway, now that I already finished the coding, I’m updating my portfolio and gonna make a work plan for my trip to the USA for my desired career. Either way, if you are thinking about drawing the #meettheartist challenge, is not too late to make it. Grab the goddamn paper and pencil.  Take your time and do what it feels right!


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