Skill Unlocked – Storenvy!

Hey! It’s been awhile since I wrote here, probably a month or so, but I have great news. I’ve been super busy with some personal projects and got the job done when it comes to challenges and milestones to reach for. Now this one was tricky, unpleasant but worth every try and outcome. I personalized my own Storenvy shop from scratch and it was a success!

Check out my store!

What is Storenvy

Is a social marketplace composed by a series of mini shops from independent buyers and sellers. It makes your social shopping experience worth one while connecting with creative businesses and shoppers. Storenvy it’s free, fully customizable, with a feature-rich store admin panel, it hosts the online storefront, and provides the tools for managing the business.

I always wanted to have an online shop and sell all my shit, and be a fucking rich pirate and disappear forever (joking)! Nowadays is super easy to choose a convenient platform, build an online shop, afford payments and bundles, customize it with beautiful, user-friendly and responsive designs and so on. I think that the toughest things to do with an e-commerce shop are the followings:

  • Acquiring the right audience.
  • Making the store’s design stand out.
  • Understand the store functions and platform.

An adventure with a new language, Liquid Element.

The First Tries Are Awful

I’m not usually conformist when it comes to creativity, especially re-designing and doing something from scratch. I love to attract attention in many ways and cause an impression. Is not about taking praise but to be acknowledged with your best assets. During my college years, I learned the less is more, and they were right about it! So yeah, first tries sucks, in my experience, they are a pain, but between trials and errors eventually, it would be molded into the best shape with lots of practice, dedication, and patience.

My first design only using Bootstrap 2.

It began with 2 intensive weeks, coding with Bootstrap 3 and learning the basics with Liquid Element (new language), understanding the outputs & tags and integrating the javascript essential functions for the store. It took me a while to get into the loop, this was probably the third time I tried to make my own template from scratch. Finally, I made it with long hours of stupid details and errors. It still needs a little improvement on some functionalities, but for now, I’ll take a break.  Now that I have everything almost set up, I will do the #MeetTheArtist challenge and finish off some commission.


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