MEME Vol. 1

You know, 2016 wasn’t that bad at the beginning, it was fun for a while until it hit on the 3 last months. I was frustrated and depressed because I felt I was on a critical situation and thought to never recover; though an unexpected job landed before my eyes. This time I took it without hesitation and I feel quite excited about it. Now about those meme that I mention in the title…

When your roommate ask for your mushy mashed potatoes with apple.

Pineapple Pizza? YOU EAT THAT SHIT?!! Literally I can’t, ew!

I like you because you’re pretty, intelligent and busty…

If you keep that attitude, nobody will break you like A Crayola de Kinder.

Why Not A Meme Challenge?

Maybe or maybe not, I’m not sure. Since boredom creeps out at times then why not re-making memes I like with my character? I’m hoping to make something out of this and keep updating it for a while.



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