Blurb’s Swatch Kit

Before even thinking about producing my art book with Blurb, I wanted to make a safe home-run. I decided to purchase the Swatch Kit for a better understanding of the quality of paper and inks, the texture of the papers and how images and papers affect each other when printed all together.

The many wonders of buying the Swatch Kit from Blurb.

The Bundle Contains:

  • Photo Books: Standard
  • Photo Books: Premium (Matte & Lustre)
  • Photo Books: ProLine (Uncoated & Semi-gloss)
  • Trade Books: Standard printing
  • Trade Books: Economy printing
  • Magazine: Premium printing and paper
  • Magazine: Standard printing and paper
You can choose and create between photo book, magazine or trade book.
From left to right, Standard Color (Trade Books) vs. premium magazine (Magazine). Can you see the contrast?
The reflection of the light can also play a huge role in the outcome of the product.

It has around 11 paper stocks. All of them have a brief description, categorized by weight, size, and name of the paper. They also are accompanied by a photo so you can see the quality of it on the paper. You can easily see how does the type of paper affects the quality of the photo and the texture too.

Don’t forget the discounts!


I think it’s pretty cool to get educated before diving in and making silly mistakes. It’s pretty amazing to see all types of papers, the textures they contain and how photos project themselves in the paper. Time and knowledge are some of the most essential ingredients for a well-executed product. So if you want to make the best impression, go and get yourself some Blurb’s, Swatch Kit. Also, don’t forget that each product that you order comes with a discount coupon!


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