Merch Review: Photo Book Blurb

So I just picked up my book yesterday and I have a few things to say. Since I delivered my Illustrated Album prototype to California some months ago, I thought it should be a good idea to test out Blurb with their Photo Book products. From the beginning my intention was to make my prototype with Blurb, but since I was against time, I had to make it on Office Depot and payed the double.

It looks nice, though you can see on the bottom that some pages have some curves. Need to fix it myself…

Blurb is a self-publishing and marketing platform that helps and encourages creative minds to build their own books and even distribute them through Blurb itself. It has tons of products to match and build, tools and programs to download for better development and user-friendly interaction. You can design, publish, promote, and sell printed books and ebooks. You can choose between: Photo Book, Trade Book or Magazine.

The colors are beautiful and crispy, though dark images may run the risk of not looking exactly like you wanted.

Better watch out for those crop marks, those are death traps!

Cost & Shipping

The prices depends of the quantity of pages, format and quality of the pages. I managed to buy it for $23 (If I’m correct) because I took a promotion code of 40% off. Shipping was fair too.


It also depends on how correct you delivered the product (CYMK, format, size, etc.) to them. I purchased a standard 80# Semi Matte, which looks nice and feels ok. Problem is that soft cover and the matte pages are finger tips traps, which makes it look unpleasant. Also my book came with a crooked cover as well some pages.


You can order one as well as large quantities. When you make a purchase of more than 11 books, you get discounts. You can check the link here, but all the depends of the format, quantities of pages and paper stock.


Haven’t really talked to them about the issues of the book, don’t feel like it either. I can still bet they can help you out with anything, they have a blog that discusses about tips and F.A.Q, Color Management before printing, download tools, templates and plugins for programs when building up your own book and much more.

Overall 4 ☆ 5

If you want to try and make a professional book with a fair price and good quality, you should give it a try. Before doing so, I suggests you buy the Sample Kit Swatch to have a better understanding of the products and how the outcome looks. Also don’t forget the promotion and discount codes. Those are the best!


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