Summon Me Challenge

It’s 1 am and is raining tonight, loving the chilly and suave atmosphere. Just got back from babysitting and had a decent time to draw this. I saw a long time ago a post about 5 things that people should name if they want to summon you. I wish the Summon Me would’ve become a challenge anyway.


Summon me with this if you want to spend some time beside me…

Let the Mockery Begins

Lately I have become the biggest joke in the lodging. The girls had teased me because I love to put pineapple in my cheap pizzas. They even pointed me as the devil’s child and nobody shouldn’t be forgiving me for my awful crime. Apparently my companions on FB make fun of savages like me for committing such sin. They say I don’t deserve to eat pizza at all. Not even marrying it. I don’t care! It’s my way or high way! At least the girls agree with the ice-cream nigth, while one enjoys to share with me some spooky ghost stories, which it’s nice. Still, I’m so old school with the video games, since I got stuck with PS2 between Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Rayman. Tonight I’m regretting for donating my console to Salvation Army.


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