My Inktober 2016

Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker on 2009; and it happens every year on october. The purpose of this event was to improve your skills of drawing, develop better inking technique and expand your imagination without fear. As you all may know I did participated in the last year. It was amazing to see so many creative artworks as well as people participating in it. My Inktober 2016 was full of challenges, surprises and a feeling of welcoming.

Don’t be afraid to explore things you think you are not good enough.

The Progress and Feeling

People may think that it was just basically a month full of challenges, polishing skills and usage of unlimited creativity; but for me it was more than that. To be able to explore new things on a piece of paper and feel the rush and excitement to be on time to post them was actually fun. Like I always said, the magic starts, happens and stays in the graphite.

Inktober 2016

When my creativity didn’t work out, I sought help from the girls!

What It Meant

October was challenging. I was so pumped up but simultaneously I was dragged down when my car broke (AGAIN!) and most of my payments got delayed. After my economical crisis, all what I did was to refuge myself in the pieces. It was like plunging yourself in this universe you have created for your own entertainment and nobody else understands it.


Do you remember when you got up earlier on Christmas, just to see and open up the presents? You were filled with joy and enthusiasm. That’s the way I felt, everyday I got up earlier to draw. The girls would sit up with me at the table and see me work, sometimes they help me out and other times they asked me about the meaning of each piece. I embraced Inktober like my “Playtime”.

So much going in negative and positive space!

I even talked about it in my art class and my students made a few pieces. I even made them draw their janitor in whatever costume they like. Christopher’s was laughing in the desk of the hallway while the kids ran to him to show their creations. Meanwhile there is still 4 missing pieces, though I will be willing to finish them as soon as possible. Got flooded with lots of request, so hopefully I’ll produce it as a coloring book!


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