Merch Review: PrinterStudio

I have been a long time customer of PrinterStudio (just bought once) and I always liked their products discount. They are very economical, flexible and diverse. Compared to other companies, this one has tons of stuff to print on: cosmetic bags, tote bags, mugs, cards, notebooks, you name it!

My previous order was some cosmetic bags with 7 unique designs. My sister’s tablet fitted too!

Printerstudio is a company that sells personalized or custom gifts with photos or designs. They are also awarded as the fastest with an easy and effective tool to process the designs into the products. On my second time visiting the site, I ordered 2 products: The notebooks and the coin purses.

One of my coin purse!

Coin Purse

These are compact and measure about 5″ x 3.5″ small, and can be carried anywhere. Perfect for loose change, bills, credit cards, lip gloss or even an old iPod. PrinterStudio lets you change the color of the zipper, have the same design on both sides and it’s made from 100% polyester cloth cover with high-density foam inner.



The images came dull and it seems like the texture of the purse is somehow noticeable. Now, I know I’m not an expert on fabrics and such things but I guess it’s worth mentioning just in case.


My notebooks came all very nicely wrapped up!


These beautiful notebooks measure 8.3″ x 5.8″ (A5) and can be customized almost on all parts. Different designs on cover and back cover, inside pages between lined or plain, inside front and back with notes, calendar, contact lists, etc. Comes with a black spiral binding and 200 pages (100 sheets) on 70lb.


Same images on both sides: cover and back-cover!


PrinterStudio guarantees that the covers of the notebooks are ”top-quality construction printed on heavy cardstock”. As for the printing I don’t complain at all, but for a 100lb cardstock cover for a notebook that you carry on a daily basis is a bit alarming. For me, it didn’t convince me to be strong enough and secure to protect the inner pages. It’s just a delicate cover.

Cost & Shipping

Prices are ok on some products, though the more you order the more you save on certain items, either you save a few cents and dollars. The shipping was ok too, but 2 things that I love about this company are the promo codes and coupons.


It can vary. As for the materials on the purses there is no doubt they are the best but the printing quality lacks a bit. On the other hand, the printing on the notebooks was a success, though I was a bit worried about the cover’s material.


There is no minimum order, you can order as much as you like. You can request more than 200 of the same product. You can order lots of designs on the same product too with no extra charge!


They try their best to reply as quickly as possible. Only one time I had to contact them because my order never arrived my place, but it wasn’t their fault it was the postal office. They quickly replied my email and rushed to deliver my things.

Overall 5 ☆ 5

This would be a great start for someone who is trying to experiment on their own and make a great impression on their work or business. Also is a good step to identify what’s best and what not, comparing each item between the quality of the materials and printing, discounts, quantities, and costs.


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